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About me

Establishing Hochzeitsplaner München has enabled me to fulfill a major dream:

Being a creative person with a flair for aesthetics and a love of organizing things, I want to help others create the most beautiful day of their lives. Even as a small child, I loved to decorate the garden and put on little summer festivals with plays for my family and friends of my parents or to organize performances with a festive ambiance in the run-up to Christmas. After studying law, I worked as an event manager in Munich. Over the years, I increasingly enjoyed preparing and organizing festivities with the utmost perfection, culminating fourteen years ago in my own lakeside wedding near the Starnberger See.

The fact that I was born in Munich and have experience as an event manager means I am familiar with many locations in and especially around Munich that offer a perfect backdrop for a wedding. My love of the beautiful lakes and attractive Alpine foothills has led me to specialize in planning weddings in the area to the south of Munich.

As a wedding planner or even as master of ceremonies on the wedding day itself I am committed to fulfilling my clients' individual requirements and ideas. Discussions with the bridal couple often produce wonderful ideas that require much fantasy and great sensitivity in order to make them a reality.

I work closely with the couple throughout the preparation phase and right up to the wedding day itself. When planning a wedding I take care to ensure the bridal couple have complete trust in me as a person, in my professionalism during the preparation phase and in ensuring everything runs smoothly before and during the celebrations. This can only be achieved through exceptional organizational skills, a sense of perfectionism and an ability to empathize with others.

Isabella Fechtel, Hochzeitsplaner München